“I just ordered some replacement gaskets for my MONSTER TUBE.

I just realized it is almost 30 years old!!
Wish my car had lasted that long.
Incredible product. Thank you.”

S.N., London, U.K.


“Thank you for helping me get my Monstertube out of customs. Customs are so bad because they never send any notice they have your package. I am glad you found it and I went over to the customs office to get it before they sent it back to you”

F.M., Madrid,Spain


“Bought my boyfriend a JR Monster for his birthday and he loved it. When I tried it I also loved it so I ordered a JR for myself. We both pump together and our goal is to fill the JR then order the Monstertube. We are crazy we are getting so big.”

H.H., Berlin, Germany


“What fast service you give. I just put my Monstertube order this morning and just got your confirmation email you are shipping it this afternoon. Thank you”

A.L.San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


“Hi MasterE,
It is your old friend Marc.I had to write and thank you very much for sending me a Monstertube free. When I lost my job,you suggested I put up a pay video site on X-Tube showing me pumping my monster meat. Well the site is up and I have placed a number of clips of me pumping in the Monster. Thousands of hits in the last few months and I am making some money from them-it really helps me. I hope someday we can meet my dear friend.”

M.A.aka Bulgemarc, Brussels, Belgium


“You are a genius to have invented the Monstertube. What an incredible tube. You have given all the world’s cock and ball pumpers such a marvelous way to achieve our goals of massive male genitalia”

L.V.,London, U.K


“I wear both the nylon or cotton [BULGEWEAR] briefs daily and they are the best fitting underwear I have ever worn and they last a long time. I wear the black nylon briefs now as a swimsuit because you cannot see thru them so that works fine.”

B.D. Chicago, Illinois, USA


“Just wanted to tell you of my INCREDIBLE results I got from my first time using the Monstertube. Could not believe how big I got in such a short time.

It use to take me double the time in my two stage to get what I did in half the time last night.Sorry I did not buy this tube sooner.”

R.D.Omaha,Nebraska, USA


“I have to say that I am amazingly satisfied with my purchase. I have had other cock tubes crack and fittings fail but this tube is in for the long haul!”

C.C., Manchester,U.K.


“Hi MasterE,
I just had to write you since I saw your profile On Asspig. You were my inspiration to start pumping 25 years ago. I remember all us pumpers only  had the PUMP UP magazine as our only way of connecting with each other. They printed that starting in 1980 .Boy have things changed.Hope you are well and I still use my Monstertube often . It is 15 years old now but still works great.”

A.B., New York City, New York, USA


“I like your new website. It was very well done and very easy to shop and I like that you are using Paypal now  rather than having to enter my credit card number. Makes it much easier.Love you modeling your Bulgewear by the pool. Hot!”

E.V., Toulose, France


“Hi Master E,
Just wanted to invite you to our yearly MONSTERMEAT party held in Antwerp, Belgium every June. Men from all over Europe come for and we have a great pumping  and saline weekend. We all have Monstertubes and would love to have you attend as our guest of honor-the man that invented this incredible tube.”

Y.V. Paris, France


“Hi-I got your confirmation email for the JR tube order I placed today and that you were express mailing it out later this afternoon.Boy same day service!WOW!!!
I will be pumping in my new Monstertube tomorrow night. Can’t wait -Will email my results. ”

D.H Palm Springs, California, USA


“Love the BULGEWEAR.They are the best fitting ones I have ever found-wear them daily. Just ordered another 6 pairs.”

B.D. South Carolina, USA