1. Regardless of what type of tube the most important procedure is cleaning the unit after each use simply to remove the lube which causes bacteria and erodes the glue which was used to make the tube.
  2. With the MONSTER-TUBE, the same thing applies. Using soap and water lightly wash the open tube’s edges and metal hinge and screws because they all have some degree of lube from your hands on them. Let dry 3. With the gasket, I do not use soap and water because it could saturate the rubber and weaken the glue seal underneath. Take a damp paper towel and just lightly run it over the gasket. It should be clean of any lube except on the outside edges of the gasket.
  3. DO NOT put the MONSTER-TUBE in the dishwasher.
  4. Do not tighten the nut and bolts to such a degree of pressure that it starts to flatten the gasket. It is not necessary because before I ship any tube I personally test for a complete vacuum by simply holding the tube closed with my hands to achieve a full and complete vacuum.
  5. When water pumping, the tube must be opened and the gasket sponged DRY to ensure that it does not penetrate down to the glue which will shorten the use of the gasket.
  6. If you use a heating pad, always keep the setting on LOW. I first wrap a towel around the tube then the pad. If placed on high, you run the risk of the lube being heated to such a high temperature it will burn your skin -like hot oil.
  7. With common sense and taking good care of your MONSTER-TUBE, you can have it for decades as many of my customers do.