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Hello and welcome to my site featuring the MONSTER TUBES and BULGEWEAR.

My name is Master E and I am the inventor of the tubes you will see. I just wanted to give a brief history of why and how this tube came about. I have been vacuum pumping since 1972 and at that time you could not purchase any tubes- you had to make them yourself. Going down to the plastic factory and selecting the different diameters and lengths was a standard trip about every 6 months or so as you outgrew the previous size tube-the local pumpers would then give or sell their old tubes to newer pumpers who could fit into them.

Monster Tube Jr (left) 2 3/4 " and 3 1/2 inches;
Monster Tube (right) 6.985 cm and 8.89 cm
cotton lycra briefs

As all pumpers do, we continually grow and have to buy new, larger tubes to accommodate our genitalia and eventually we all had to get two-stage tubes. The obvious problems with two stages are exiting without rupturing yourself and the need to continually buy new, larger ones which cost about $140-$180 per tube. That's where I was in 1995, many sizes of straight and two-stages, hundreds of dollars in plastic filling my pump closet.

That was the highest technical level in tube design until 1995, when I developed the MONSTER TUBES. Not only does the hinge but also the shape of Monster Tubes eliminate the situations I just discussed. You will never outgrow or get stuck in a tube again. And the effectivness and the efficiency in growth from Monster Tubes is unmatched in any other vacuum tube on the market.

The U.S. Patent Office agreed with my claims about the tubes's unique ability to enlarge WITHOUT genital DISTORTION and how quickly and easily the genitalia increase. I was awarded a patent on the MONSTER TUBES. It is the ONLY PATENTED,HINGED vacuum tube being offered in the market today.